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Reliable Source for High Power Capacitors and Resistors

Our components are for High Voltage and High Power industrial sectors.

As a responsible supplier for high power and high voltage capacitors and resistors, we keen to supply quality components according to customer’s parameters and requirement.

If a Capacitor or Resistor with parameters which are much higher than the actual application needed, this will increases customer’s cost. On the other hand, if a component with one of its parameters below the design circuit threshold, that can cause component failure. Both situations are not perfect for customers.

By supplying optimized power resistors and capacitors, we can lower your overall components cost and without sacrificing quality and long-run stability.

Our Power Capacitors and Power Resistors

High Current Capacitors

High AC Current Capacitors

High AC Current Capacitors ( continuous duty) with Temperature +85C / +105C Strong Plastic Case with Dry Epoxy Resin design

High Voltage Capacitors

High Voltage Film Capacitors

High Voltage AC Power Capacitors, High Voltage Pulse Capacitors, High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitors, High Voltage Filter Capacitors and High Voltage Ultra Low Leakage Current Capacitors

Snubber Capacitors

Snubber Capacitors

GTO Snubbers, High Voltage Snubber Capacitors, Snubber Capacitors and IGBT Snubber Capacitors

Power Resistors High Voltage Power Resistors

MFPR Power Resistors

High Power Resistors, High Voltage Resistors, High Current Resistors and Power Rheostats