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Resonant Capacitor STLC-02T STLC-02M

Resonant Capacitor for Medium Frequency with equivalent Current up to 60Arms at +85C
Voltage range : 250Vac to 400Vac
Low ESR and ESL

Resonant Capacitor LC1-AN / LC2-AN / LC3-AN series :
Cylindrical type with connections at capacitor both ends
Long life expectance
Easy installation

Typical Applications :
Medium Frequency range, Filtering, Resonant and Pulse Ripple Current applications

Resonant Capacitor Electrical Characteristics :
Rated Voltage : 250Vac – 400Vac
Capacitance : 0.33uF – 1.2uF ( can be customized )
Capacitance tolerance : +/-10%
Operating Temperature : -40C – +70C
Maximum ripple Current +70C : 35Arms – 60Arms
D.F <= 0.1% +23C 1kHz
ESR at 100kHz +23C <= 5mohm
ESL <= 12nH
Low self heating

HKFC manufactures Resonant Capacitor with different rated Capacitance, AC Voltages, ripple Current capacities, Frequency ranges, sizes, temperature ranges.
Support customization need
Similar circuit designs can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements. Please feel free to send your application details to us for a capacitor suggestion and quotation.
There are more technical notes on the Application, Plastic vs Metal Encased Capacitor and Installation pages.
Our average production lead time is about 1 – 3 months, depending on order quantity, material and production status.
Accept small, bulk quantity orders and PayPal..
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