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Pulse Grade Capacitor / Energy Discharge Capacitor

The Pulse Grade Capacitor series are designed to deliver maximum discharge current/energy at their rated voltage
Voltage range : 400Vdc to 1600Vdc

Pulse Grade Capacitor / Energy Discharge Capacitor :
, STR-02T, STR-02TM, STR-03L, STR-03LT, STR-03LTM series (replace the STP-02R part number system)
Typical Applications :

  • High Pulse Current discharge applications
  • High Electrical Energy Discharge for low repetition rate applications
  • High dv/dt
  • High-intensity Lighting equipment
  • Electric Fence Energizer Capacitors
  • Welding Energizer Equipment
  • Defibrillators
Electrical Characteristics :
Handle high Pulse Current/Energy discharge
Capacitor can be direct discharge at the rated voltage to delivery maximum pulse current and energy
Capacitance range : 0.1 – 200uF
Rated Voltage : 400 – 1600Vdc
High peak pulse Discharge Current Ipp up to 3000App
Temperature range : -25C~+85C / -40C~+105C
Low capacitor loss
We have different Pulse Grade Capacitor Configurations for your consideration.
STR-01T : 2 terminals
STR-02T : 2 double terminals
STR-02TM : 2 double terminals + M8 screw bolt for mounting
STR-03L : 2 lead wires
STR-03LT : 2 lead wire with quick terminals
STR-03LTM : 2 lead wire with quick terminals + M8 screw bolt for mounting
STP-ZP : Epoxy Resin dipping with two tin plated copper wires
We can support higher Voltage requirement. Please refer to our High Voltage Pulse Capacitors STHVE series.
HKFC manufactures Pulse Grade Capacitors for wide variety of High Energy and Pulse Current discharge applications with different rated Capacitance, Voltages, discharge rates, Pulse Current, size restriction, temperature ranges and even with capacitor configuration options.
Similar circuit designs can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements. Please feel free to send your application details to us for a capacitor suggestion and quotation.
There are more technical notes on the ApplicationPlastic vs Metal Encased Capacitor and Installation pages.
Our average production lead time is about 1 – 2 months, depending on order quantity, material and production status.
Accept small, bulk quantity orders and PayPal.
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