HKFC Capacitor Installation Guide

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Capacitor Installation:

  • HKFC Capacitor can be installed in any orientation
  • Using correct Current rated Power Cables/Busbars to connect to the capacitor terminals
  • Clean the capacitor terminals, cable lugs, busbars before connection
  • Make sure the capacitor connections are in good condition and tight
  • Our Capacitors come with Plastic Casing and don’t need Grounding
  • Keep the capacitor away from other heat generated components or heat source

Electrical Connections / Installation Screw Bolts and Nuts Tightening Torque

Bolt / Nut Size HKFC Plastic Enclosure Capacitors
Connection and Installation
Other Metal Enclosure Capacitors
Connection and Installation
M6 9Nm 4 – 6Nm
M8 12Nm ( for installation : 7Nm ) 4 – 6Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)
M10 15Nm 7 – 8Nm
M12 14 – 18Nm ( for installation : 8Nm ) 10Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)