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High Voltage Pulse Capacitor STHVP

STHVP Capacitors for High Pulse Current and RMS Current capacities with voltage up to 12.5KVdc/ 3,500Vac
STHVE Capacitors for High Pulse Energy Discharge for low repetition rate applications
Prompt Delivery and Fair Price.

High Voltage Pulse Capacitor : STHVP series
Typical Applications :
High Voltage Capacitors with Pulse Ripple Current ratings
High Voltage Pulse Current for medium frequency applications
High Voltage DC / AC Voltage applications
Capacitor can be discharged at rated voltage directly without any protective component at +85C
High Voltage Decoupling and Snubbering
Voltage Multipliers
Induction heating
Act as discharge capacitor to trigger lasers, X-Rays and Tesla Coils
For high voltage capacitor banks or arrays
High Voltage Power Supplies
Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
PEMF Capacitors in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Equipment

Electrical Characteristics :
Plastic Capacitor Enclosure – safer, and better protection for moisture and vibration
Low ESR and ESL
High Insulation Resistance and Low Leakage Current, when compared with Metal-Can Capacitors
Dry Construction design and don’t have leakage fluid problem
Medium Frequency range and RMS Current rating
Capacitance : 0.1uF – 10uF ( can be customized )
Voltage range : 1,600Vdc to 12.5kVdc / 800Vac to 3,500Vac
Ripple Current – Irms : up to 60Arms
Peak to peak discharge current – Ipp : up to 6150App
Temperature ranges : +70C / +85C
Low ESR and ESL
Low self heating

High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitor : STHVE series
Typical Applications :
For High Voltage with High Pulse Current/Energy Discharge with low discharge repetition rate applications, please tell your application details. We can have a suggestion.
For Voltage below 2kVdc, please refer to our pulse grade capacitors.

HKFC manufactures High Voltage Pulse Capacitors and High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitors for wide variety of High Voltage power applications with different rated Capacitance, Voltages, Discharge Energy, dv/dt, Pulse Discharge Currents, Ripple Currents, Frequency ranges, size restriction, temperature ranges and even with capacitor configuration options.
Similar circuit designs can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements. Please feel free to send your application details to us for a capacitor suggestion and quotation.
There are more technical notes on the ApplicationPlastic vs Metal Encased Capacitor and Installation pages.
Our average production lead time is about 1 – 3 months, depending on order quantity, material and production status.
Accept small, bulk quantity orders and PayPal.
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We also supports high voltage resistors.