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High Voltage AC Power Capacitor STHVA

For High Voltage Medium Frequency range Continuous Current applications.
With current capacity up to 45Arms, Reactive Power up to 105kVAR and maximum Voltage 5kVac.
The ambient temperature can be +85C / +105C.

High Voltage AC Power Capacitor typical applications :
This capacitor series is designed for the following High Voltage applications.
Electric Traction Systems for Rail Vehicles
Continuous RMS Current high voltage circuits
High Voltage Resonant Inverter / Converter / Power Supply
High Voltage Medium Frequency Circuits
Discharge capacitor to trigger lasers, X-Rays and Tesla Coils
Capacitor bank or arrays

High Voltage AC Power Capacitor Electrical Characteristics :
The Plastic Capacitor Enclosure means safer, better protection for moisture and vibration
High Insulation Resistance and Low Leakage Current, when compared with traditional Metal-Can Capacitors
Dry Construction design and don’t have leakage fluid problem

Capacitance : 0.01uF – 0.15uF ( can be customized )
Voltage range : 1,100Vrms – 3,500Vrms / 1600Vac – 5000Vac
RMS Current Irms : up to 45Arms
Reactive Power up to 105kVAR
Low ESR and series Inductance
Low Self Heating
Temperature ranges : +70C / +85C / +105C
Ultra-Low Leakage version is available on request

HKFC manufactures High Voltage AC Power Capacitor for wide variety of High Voltage power applications with different rated Capacitance, Voltages, RMS Currents, Frequency ranges, size restriction, temperature ranges and even with capacitor configuration options.
Different applications can have a very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirement.
Our average production lead time is about 35 – 75 days depends on materials, quantity and production line status and we accept PayPal.
Please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.