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High Voltage Blocking Capacitor STHV-L

also known as High DC Voltage Ultra Low Leakage Current Capacitor
THV-L series

This High Voltage Blocking Capacitor, also known as High DC Voltage Ultra-Low leakage Capacitor, the STHV-L series.

This capacitor series is for holding the capacitor charges at High DC Voltage, up to 25kVdc, with Ultra-Low Leakage Current. The voltage testing parameters can be customized according to customers’ application conditions.

Capacitor temperature range : +70C / +85C.
Support high dc voltage ultra-low leakage capacitors with high pulse rapid charging and discharging requirement.
There are more technical notes on the ApplicationPlastic vs Metal Encased Capacitor and Installation pages.
High Voltage Blocking Capacitor average production lead time is about 1 – 3 months depends on materials, quantity, and production line status.
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