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DC Pulse Current Capacitor / DC Filter Capacitor DCF

DC Pulse Current Capacitors / DC Filter Capacitors for power applications with medium frequency range up to 20kHz 30A. Prompt Delivery and fair price.

DC Pulse Current Capacitor / DC Filter Capacitor : DCF series
Typical Applications :
Resonant Capacitor in Resonant Tank Circuits, Resonant Inverter, Resonant Converter, DC/AC applications, Switching Power Supply input filtering, DC blocking and output filter, welding equipment, DC Filtering application, MMC Capacitor module / Multi-Miniature Capacitors module

Electrical Characteristics :
Low ESR and ESL
Low Self Heating
Temperature range : -25C to +85C
Support Screw Nut terminals – for stabile RMS current applications and easy connection
Support Large Tab Terminals – to deliver larger discharge current Ipp and Ir.m.s. when compared with traditional axial lead copper tin wires
DCF-03QI / DCF-03QL / DCF-03QT – higher ripple current
Capacitance range : 1uF to 30uF
Rated Voltage : 100 – 400Vdc  /  70 – 250Vac
Ripple Current up to 30Arms

DCF-04QI / DCF-04QL / DCF-04QT – smaller size & higher voltage range
Capacitance range : 0.68uF to 30uF
Rated Voltage : 250 – 700Vdc  /  160 – 400Vac
Ripple Current up to 13Arms

Both series can be customized as Low Voltage High Capacitance High Current Capacitors.
For 250Vac~900Vac / 400Vdc~1,350Vdc and with higher Current requirement, please refer to our AC/DC Power Capacitors.

HKFC manufactures DC Pulse Capacitors and DC Filter Capacitors for wide variety of DC Pulse/Filter Current applications with different rated Capacitance Voltages, dv/dt, Peak Current, size restriction, temperature ranges and even with capacitor  configuration options.
Different applications can have a very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirement.
We support DC Pulse Current Capacitor with an integrated Thermocouple. The thermocouple output can be as one of the control signals and trigger protective functions.
Our average production lead time will be about 35 – 65 days, depending on order quantity, material and production status and we accept PayPal.
Please feel free to send your application details; we might have a solution for your need.