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HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd.

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Our company is a sales office of HK Film Capacitor and the sole agent for the MFPR Power Resistor for the worldwide market with our office in Australia.

HK Film Cap has been manufacturing High Power, High Voltage, and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors since 2001. We have most of our essential production procedures and R&D in Hong Kong to keep our capacitor quality. We invest yearly in capacitor development, testing, production, and staff training to improve our capacitor performance, reliability, and quality. HKFC capacitors can meet your high reactive power, voltage, current, low leakage current, high humidity, and hostile environments like +105C requirements. Most of our capacitor datasheets include important parameters like RMS current, peak pulse current, dv/dt, low leakage current, and other essential ratings.

MFPR Power Resistor has been serving the high power and high voltage industries since 2001. MFPR supports customized power resistors according to customers’ application parameters. Two high-power resistors with the same power but with different resistance values can have very different load current ratings. Customization can lower the power resistor cost for most customers.

We support our customers for their R&D engineering and production needs with quality power components at a competitive cost and lead time.